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EVSE LLC Electric Vehicle Chargers

Smart Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

EVSE LLC, a subsidiary of Control Module Inc., provides electric vehicle charging products designed for safety, functionality and performance. View our full product line.

Our flexible chargers and support products can adapt to your existing operations. EVSE LLC's chargers, with our patent-pending cable management feature, offer the following benefits:

  • Protect customers from tripping injuries due to cables on the ground
  • Reduce parking operator liability and risk from insurance claims
  • Protect cables and connectors from weather, grime, vehicles and vandals
  • Integrate with leading parking system revenue control & monthly billing systems
  • Simplify payment by using existing parking tickets & monthly parking cards
  • Eliminate extra credit card fees associated with proprietary charger networks

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Protect Pedestrians, Comply with ADA and OSHA & Reduce Liability With Automatic Cable Management

When activated, the EVSE LLC charger cable is released. When the connector is removed from the car, the cable and connector automatically retract into a compartment overhead, where they are protected from damage by vehicles, weather and vandals. This protects pedestrians from tripping accidents while meeting both ADA and OSHA regulations.

3704 AutoCoil - Single or Dual Pole Mount supports two charging sessions at a time; Wall Mount for internal or external mounting. Garage Overhead Charger - The industry's only ceiling mounted charger that lowers cable to ADA height.

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Designed to Adapt to Your Operations

EVSE LLC's charging products provide flexible and secure access that can be custom-tailored to your needs. Why add a new payment or access method to your charging project when you can use what is in place? EVSE LLC's charging station platform can utilize existing ID cards, existing parking tickets issued by parking gates.

RFID, Proximity and UHF Identification Access. Credit Card Payment with Payment Modules. Available Parking Payment Ticket, Activation & Usage Tracking. Smartphone Apps and Smart Payment Applications.

Chargers with Automatic Motorized Cable Management

EV Support Products

Cable Management - ADA Accessibility & Liability

Many EVSE LLC chargers feature our automatic cable management system. When not in use the cable is automatically stored within the unit, preventing damage caused by weather, cars and vandals, and protecting pedestrians from tripping injuries. Installation does not require poles or barriers that reduce ADA-compliance.

View our product line with patented automatic cable management.