3704 AutoCoil

Light pole powered EV Charging Station.
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Electric Vehicle Chargers Designed to Integrate with Parking Payment and Access Systems

With installations at major US utilities, state and local governments, universities, airports and parking facilities, EVSE LLC is an established innovator in the industry. EVSE LLC's EV AutoCoil Level 2 (with Level 1 capability) chargers come in wall and single or dual pole mounted versions.

The AutoCoil chargers offer patent-pending automatic cable management that is ADA and OSHA compliant. Charging station cables never touch the ground when charging a vehicle and when not connected to a vehicle. This design protects pedestrians from tripping accidents, and protects property owners from risk and false accident claims while keeping cables out of the pathway for persons with disabilities. EVSE LLC's cable retraction ensures OSHA compliance at the work place which mandates keeping live cables off the ground.

Smart Charging Stations from EVSE LLC!
EVSE LLC's chargers are smart grid ready and now accepts Automated Demand Response signals that control pricing and power during peak demand cycles. With a full line of electric car charging stations, charger network management options including Open Charge Protocol (OCPP), usage reporting and payment options and EV charger testers, EVSE LLC offers charging solutions that adapt to your operations.

AutoCoil Charger AutoCoil Charger AutoCoil Charger AutoCoil Charger AutoCoil Charger


Electric Vehicle Chargers Designed to Integrate with Parking Payment and Access Systems

Designed to integrate with Amano McGann and other parking payment and access systems, EVSE LLC chargers are a perfect fit for the parking industry. And EVSE LLC's chargers also integrate with the leading campus cashless card systems from CBORD and Blackboard. Why add an extra payment processing system or secure access system when you can use what's already in place?

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  • Cable Length: 20 feet
  • Height to Lot Surface: 60" high
  • Width, Single Unit: 10.78" wide
  • Width, Dual Unit: 25" wide
  • Patent Pending


  • NEMA 3R
  • Operation Temp: ‐28°C to +50° C (‐20°F to 122°F)
  • Humidity: 95% Non‐Condensing
  • Cable designed for durability and flexibility at -50C


  • Ethernet, Cellular & Other
  • Radio Communications
  • Wi‐Fi Compatible
  • Networks: Web‐Based, LAN, WAN, Cellular
  • OCPP (Open Charge Protocol)
  • Power Monitoring: Integration with 3rd Party Monitoring Systems
  • Activate via On/Off, RFID, Credit Card, Magnetic Stripe Tickets, Mobile App, Automated Demand Response
  • OCPP Charger Network Management


  • Safety Standards: UL 2231-1 & 2231-2
  • UL 2594
  • NEC 625 Compliant
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1/R: 2008
    • UL 61010-1/R:2008
    • EN 61010-1:2009
  • Personal Protection: UL 2231 (CCID)
  • EMI: FCC Part 15 Class B
  • ADA compliant per ADA 2010:
    • Section 203 no obstacles (i.e. charger cables on the ground) in the path
    • Section 308 height and reach
    • Section 309 cable pull is < 5lbs
  • OSHA compliant. Keeps live cables off the ground when charging a vehicle

EV Charger Payment Modules & Stations

EV Charger Payment Module

EVSE LLC Payment Modules and Payment Stations can easily integrate with existing operations and systems. With state-of-charge monitoring and a variety of payment options, our payment solutions can provide revenue and tracking resources for public locations.

Charger Control Module Options

Overhead Vehicle Charger

Designed for a variety of public and private installations, our EV chargers automatic cable management system can be activated using a variety of controllers including on/off, RFID, proximity and parking stub.