Memberships & Associations

EVSE LLC – Part of the EV Community

EVSE, LLC is a proud member of many organizations dedicated to the growth of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. Our diverse product line of electric car chargers and EV support equipment has been developed as an integral part of this industry's development, providing safe, smart electric vehicle charging solutions.

Open Charge Alliance

Cable Management - ADA Accessibility & Liability

Many EVSE LLC chargers feature our automatic cable management system. When not in use the cable is automatically stored within the unit, preventing damage caused by weather, cars and vandals, and protecting pedestrians from tripping injuries. Installation does not require poles or barriers that reduce ADA-compliance.

View our product line with patented automatic cable management.

EV Support Products             read more

  • Networking & software integration
  • Ethernet, cellular and other radio communications
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Payment Module
  • Hand-held charger installation testing devices
  • A variety of secure charger activation options
  • Remote control monitoring and management of charger networks