Electrician Tester

EV Charging Station Tools for Installers and Electricians

EVSE LLC's Electrician tester is designed for installation professionals, and are small and durable‐enough to be carried in a tool‐box. These weather‐proof hand‐held units allow new chargers to be checked after installation, verifying a number of vital power and safety requirements, as they simulate the connection a charger makes with an electric vehicle. Simply plug the charger's J1772 connector into the tester's receptacle, flip the switch button and the Electrician Tester LEDs light up the actual amp and voltage. The Electrician also lets you know if the pilot signal is operating properly. For testing the GFCI in the charger, just flip the switch to make sure this safety function is working.

Electrician Hand Testers Electrician Hand Testers Electrician Hand Testers Electrician Hand Testers AutoCoil Charger


EV Charging Station Testers for Installation Professionals

The Electrician - Electric Vehicle Simulator

The self‐powered Electrician provides basic testing information on EV charger functions. Switch‐activated controls test proper connection and trip the GFCI to ensure this key safety function is working properly.

LED Indicator Lights

  • Proper Connection
  • Charger is Providing Power
  • Voltage Level & Current Level Tests

  • Pilot is Functioning
  • Proximity Switch is Functioning
  • Trip Tests GFCI

Chargers with Automatic Motorized Cable Management

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  • Networking & software integration
  • Ethernet, cellular and other radio communications
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Payment Module
  • Hand-held charger installation testing devices
  • A variety of secure charger activation options
  • Remote control monitoring and management of charger networks