EV Charging Stations

Smart Solutions for EV Charging

With a diverse line of EV charger stations, EVSE LLC products are designed for an array of applications. Proven durable and dependable in real-world installations, many of our chargers feature our automatic cable management system. This patent-pending solution reduces tripping hazards and liabilities from cables that are left on the ground, and also protects the unit from damage caused by snow, water and ice, as well as from vehicles and vandals.

Our EV charger products come with a variety of features ensuring our products adapt easily to your operations. Our support products include networking options, activation controls and tools that allow EVSE LLC chargers to adapt to an array of installations. EVSE LLC's chargers are smart grid ready and now accept Automated Demand Response signals that control pricing and power during peak demand cycles. Designed to integrate with Amano McGann and other parking payment and access systems, EVSE LLC chargers are a perfect fit for the parking industry.

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Garage Overhead Charger

Mounted to the ceiling overhead, the Garage Overhead Charger is ideal for both public and private garages, and features our automatic cable management system.

3704 AutoCoil

AutoCoil Level 1 and 2 capability chargers offer patent-pending automatic cable management that is ADA and OSHA compliant. This design protects pedestrians from tripping accidents, and protects property owners from risk and false accident claims while keeping cables out of the pathway for persons with disabilities.

3703 ChargeWorks

ChargeWorks is a competitively priced Level 1 and Level 2, 7.2 KW single or dual wall- or pole-mounted EVSE charger, and as with all EVSE LLC chargers, it can operate standalone or on a network, including Greenlots Open Charge Protocol (OCPP) to ensure universal access for all EV drivers - no member cards needed.

Other EVSE LLC products include:

  • Hand-Held Testing Devices – Designed for installers, our Electrician testing tool ensures safe and correct charging station installation, diagnostics and testing.
  • Control Modules – Compatible with a broad range of secure charger access methods including parking stub, RFID, proximity, UHF and credit card.
  • Payment Modules – While we can integrate our charger operations into almost any existing network, our Payment Modules and Stations allow for stand-alone credit card payment/ID badge swipe, providing a revenue stream from your network of chargers.
  • Mobile App Activation –Enables activation and credit card payment of charging stations.


EV Charger Payment Modules & Stations

EV Charger Payment Module

EVSE LLC Payment Modules and Payment Stations can easily integrate with existing operations and systems. With state-of-charge monitoring and a variety of payment options, our payment solutions can provide revenue and tracking resources for public locations.

Charger Control Module Options


Designed for a variety of public and private installations, our EV chargers automatic cable management system can be activated using a variety of controllers including on/off, RFID, proximity and parking stub.