EVSE LLC Control Modules

Activation Options for Your Application

Public locations, multi‐dwelling communities and private residences with electric vehicles will require different charger activation controls to meet their needs. EVSE LLC adapts to customer's existing RFID, Proximity and Secure Access system badges and readers. This eliminates complexity by using what customers and employees are familiar with. EVSE LLC's extensive line of charging products is designed to support modular control unit options, allowing any controller to be installed on any charger. This design supports easy repair and allows controls to be changed at a later date if needed. All EVSE LLC Control Modules feature State‐of‐Charge (SOC) lighted indicators, showing that the charger is on, that the J1772 is properly connected and that the vehicle is charging. An additional light displays if there is a problem.

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Flexible EV Charger Activation Methods

Designed with large, push‐pad buttons, all EVSE LLC controllers are easy to read and use. These durable and weather‐proof controllers are designed to meet an array of charging station activation methods, built with the modularity to allow for expansion and repair that real-life conditions require. Download Specifications Sheet.


Control Module Activation Options

  • Standard on‐off push‐button
  • Secure access via RFID, proximity, UHF, parking stub and credit card payment


  • Operation Temp: -17°C to +50°C
  • Humidity: 95%

Chargers with Automatic Motorized Cable Management

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  • Networking & software integration
  • Ethernet, cellular and other radio communications
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Payment Module
  • Hand-held charger installation testing devices
  • A variety of secure charger activation options
  • Remote control monitoring and management of charger networks