Payment Module & Stations

Integrated Solutions for Charging Stations

EVSE LLC flexible payment and secure access solutions adapt to what's in place. It's your property, and if you own the chargers, any revenue should go directly to your account and not a charging station operator. EVSE LLC integrates with in-place revenue collection, credit card billing, pre-paid monthly cards and secure access (e.g. gate and ticket) systems. Why introduce new member cards or extra credit card fees? Our solution is: Simple. Easy. Smart.

If you prefer a separate system our Payment Module and wall-mounted Payment Station are designed with the operating capabilities needed for multi-space charging stations. We also have our own encrypted PCI compliant credit card service. Payment and usage data are transmitted via a number of communication and network options, requiring little customization during installation.

EVSE LLC Payment Module EVSE LLC Charge Station EVSE LLC Payment Module EVSE LLC Charger EVSE LLC Payment Module


Payment Solutions that Integrate with Your Operations

EVSE LLC's Payment Module and Payment Stations provides the revenue collection equipment public EV charging locations need with a solution ready to integrate into your existing system. Units features a built-in credit card/parking stub reader and real-time usage and payment tracking, making the Module and Pay Station a smart solution for any organization. Download Specifications Sheet.


  • Wall or pole mounted
  • Weather proof with a retractable cover
  • Large, easy-to-read touch screen

Module Dimensions

  • Height: 17 9/16 inches
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Depth: 2.5 inches


  • Ethernet, cellular and other radio communications
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Power monitoring with integration to 3rd party systems

Chargers with Automatic Motorized Cable Management

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  • Networking & software integration
  • Ethernet, cellular and other radio communications
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Payment Module
  • Hand-held charger installation testing¬†devices
  • A variety of secure charger activation¬†options
  • Remote control monitoring and management of charger networks