Garage Overhead Charger

for Public & Private Parking Garages

EVSE LLC's Garage Overhead Charger provides safe and affordable electric vehicle charging for commercial parking garages, multi‐dwelling units and private garages. The weather‐proof unit is installed on the ceiling, safely keeping the cable and connector away from water, salt and automobiles. The retractable cable also protects pedestrians from tripping hazards, and protects the unit from vandals.

The charger can be configured to activate by local or remote control, and when triggered, will automatically lower the charging connecter to an ADA‐compliant height. The user then extends the cable and plugs it into their vehicle. When disconnected, the charger automatically retracts to the original overhead position.

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Electric Vehicle Chargers Designed for Commercial and Residential Ceilings

With a modular platform, the Garage Overhead Charger is designed to support today's charging standards as well as tomorrow's innovations. Durably constructed for long-life, the unit has proven reliable and dependable in private garages and large parking garages. Affordably priced, the Garage Overhead Charger solves the challenges of EV charging in parking garages.

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  • Automatic cable management system
  • 94" long x 7" wide, 2.0" deep at base, 9" deep at housing


  • State of Charge (SOC) monitoring
  • Automatic shut-off at full charge
  • SAE J1772 compliant
  • Rated for -17°C to +50° C & 95% humidity


  • Ethernet, cellular and other radio communications
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Power monitoring with integration to 3rd party systems

EV Charger Payment Modules & Stations

EV Charger Payment Module

EVSE LLC Payment Modules and Payment Stations can easily integrate with existing operations and systems. With state-of-charge monitoring and a variety of payment options, our payment solutions can provide revenue and tracking resources for public locations.

Charger Control Module Options

Overhead Vehicle Charger

Designed for a variety of public and private installations, our EV chargers automatic cable management system can be activated using a variety of controllers including on/off, RFID, proximity and parking stub.